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Introduction of Hakuto Enterprises (Shanghai) Ltd.
Since Hakuto Enterprises (Shanghai) Ltd. was established in 1995, we have been introducing excellent electronics products in China market, as an electronics oriented trading company. Our electronics related business is supported by three fields which are electronic and electric equipment, semiconductor devices and electronic components.

Our sales staffs with superior technical knowledge continuously seek various quality products elsewhere in the world and resell them in China.

Although we are a trading company, due to our staff’s efforts, we have been offering so many customers highly technical information and also we have been fully supported by our customers in many respects while we are executing our company’s “Customer First” policy.

Specialized in our electronics products, we have been creating value-added services which meet customers’ needs.

We would like to contribute to the development of China.

TEL:(86)21-6381-1212  EMAIL:INFO@HAKUTO.COM.CN 
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