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As one of HAKUTO Group,Hakuto Shanghai provide the newest . fast Information and Service for all customers ,Just the same as HAKUTO Group   We not only have the same strong Trade capacity with HAKUTO Group,but also have done business over 10 years in China as Manufacturer , we believed in what we do during this period in Sales,Logistic,Manufacture must take good effect for all Customers in China.

   Business Content: Import, Bonded Warehouse & Logistic,Enterprise Support , EMS Business
    Processing Department: Resistance switch assembly processing, Wire harness assembly, PWB assembly
    Service Center: Maintain Vacuum Pump, Maintain Pure water analysis installment
    Professional Agent: World-famous products such as PCB, Semiconductor Equipment & Scientific Instruments, Connectors, Electronic Components. etc.

Hakuto Enterprise (Shanghai) Limited Company has abundant technique. Good service and desire to cooperation with Customers all over the world
TEL:(86)21-6381-1212  EMAIL:INFO@HAKUTO.COM.CN 
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